Find your home away from home and see the world from a new perspective as you journey through this serene island nation full of traditional beliefs and futuristic architecture. 

A Must Do in Singapore

Cloud Forest

Home to one of the world’s largest indoor waterfalls and a lush mountain clad with plants from around the world, Cloud Forest rewards the curious and adventurous. Go on a fascinating journey of discovery and get up close with some of the world’s most exotic plant species as you stroll along its unique aerial walkways.

Unesco World Heritage Botanical Garden

Situated at the heart of the city of Singapore, the site demonstrates the evolution of a British tropical colonial botanic garden that has become a modern world-class scientific institution used for both conservation and education. The cultural landscape includes a rich variety of historic features, plantings and buildings that demonstrate the development of the garden since its creation in 1859. It has been an important centre for science, research and plant conservation, notably in connection with the cultivation of rubber plantations, in Southeast Asia since 1875.

Other Notable Things to do in Singapore

Foodies and Concert Goers

With Singapore’s mixture of cultures and cuisines, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best places to visit for foodies at heart. We love planning our days and schedules, including where to eat, and in Singapore, we felt right at home. Wherever we went, morning, noon or night, it seems all the countless restaurants, coffee shops, food courts and hawker centres were always buzzing with activity.

Lisa’s Travel Notes for Singapore

  • Island and City in Asia
  • Experience cities, islands, parks, nature reserves, Unesco World Heritage Botanical garden
  • Foodie experiences
  • Concerts
  • Formula 1 Race
  • Shopping
  • Medical Tourism
  • Diverse Cultures, history, religions

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