Visit one of the most unique and untouched destinations in the world for the trip of a lifetime! Cruises offering breathtaking views of wildlife and landscapes are available on a limited basis!

What Is There To Do In Antartica?

The safest and most environmentally-responsible way to see penguins in Antarctica is to  join a polar expedition with knowledgeable polar experts onboard who follow strict wildlife-viewing guidelines.

Hiking in Antarctica enables you to explore less-visited parts of the continent and surrounding islands. There are no trails, the terrain is rough and the scenery of rocky expanses of land dotted with snow patches differs from the typical vistas you see from the cruise ship or on shore landings.

Lisa’s Travel Notes for Antarctica

  • Last of the world’s most pristine continent
  • Expedition cruises
  • Adventure
  • Hiking
  • Penguin colonies and more

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