Greece the “Cradle of Civilization”….a country located in Southeastern Europe, with 1000’s of islands scattered around the Ionian and Aegean Seas!

When you think of Greece, what picture comes to mind?

The white-washed buildings on the Volcanic caldera cliffs of Santorini?

The 3 windmills in the distance from the center of Mykonos Town?

The Acropolis as the centerpiece of Athens? 

Or the Oracle of Delphi?

What about the ancient original Olympic stadium or the modern world stadium in the heart of Athens? 

No matter where you look or go, there is an amazing juxtaposition of the ancient ruins and modern contributions… The western world has taken the que from the Greeks in Democracy, Western Philosophy, literature, political science, not to mention major scientific and mathematic principles…modern theatre both comedic and dramatic and so much more!

Greece, the land of mountains, volcanoes, oceans and islands, cities and towns.  Whether you cruise the islands or drive the mainland you will have a continuous opportunity to explore and see in person a history that we all learn about in school…

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