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Bill and Lisa have both traveled the world much of their lives. From early ages, they explored the United States and then in college sailed around the world as part of World Campus Afloat. These experiences, forever changed and enhanced their lives and how they view the world and the cultures that make it up.

In 1999, while exploring a new direction to take their existing business... they had an epiphany... TRAVEL! On 1/1/2000, their new company began, Silvestri Travel.

The Silvestri's vision is to collaborate with their clients on travel experiences around the world. It matters not whether their clients seek to be the "first" of their friends to visit a location, to check off a bucket list travel box, to interact with local cultures, to give back in some way to the locality they are visiting such as helping with a water project, or even teaching English for the day. To Bill and Lisa, TRAVEL brings the world and people together, it allows us all to know that we are one that we share a commonality that nothing can come between.

With a lifetime of travel experience and connections, why not let Silvestri Travel collaborate with you to bring your travel vision to reality? Anywhere in the world, any type of travel, let us tend to the details and leave the fun, excitement, and exploration to you!


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