Japan is a country that has been shaped by its culture and traditions that have been passed down for generations. Learn more about what Japan has to offer and what appeals to you!


California is a destination that appeals to everyone regardless of your interests. From the beautiful beaches along the coast to Napa Wine Country and even various National Parks to explore!


Known as the Kingdom of Light, Morocco is a multicultural country with European influences passed down from Spain, Portugal, and France to its north while staying true to the region's Arab and Islamic roots.


Tiny island that conquered the world for a time... Explorers, authors, kings and queens, a diverse small country that has touched every corner of the planet.


Greece the "Cradle of Civilization"....a country located in Southeastern Europe,with 1000's of islands scattered around the Ionian and Aegean Seas!


Argentina is the Gateway to Antarctica. With the nickname of "Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America" This country is the home of the Tango, Recoleta Cemetery, Caminito a colorful street with street art and open air museums...


Our 50th State features 4 National Parks and an Official National Historic trail! Each Island offers a different experience for the visitor.


Visit one of the most unique and untouched destinations in the world for the trip of a lifetime! Cruises offering breathtaking views of wildlife and landscapes are available on a limited basis!

Portugal & Spain

From the Porto River and wine country, south to the Algarve Resort vacation area by the sea Portugal is a small but diverse country filled with wine, great food, history, street art, traditions, home to some giant waves that bring surfers from around the world, to Moto GP racing in Portamao....beaches, casinos, fishing, explorers, a small but diverse country!

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